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Tags: flood land cover landslide Topics: Land and Sea Use/Cover Organizations: RCIIMS

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  • Dominode

    Dominode provides geographic information and data on Dominica. Data management tools built into GeoNode allow for integrated creation of data, metadata, and map visualizations....
  • Dominica Physical Planning Division

    The Physical Planning Division (PPD) is the executing arm of the Dominica Planning Authority. Headed by the Chief Physical Planner, the PPD is responsible for administration and...
  • World Food Programme (WFP) GeoNode

    The World Food Programme's (WPF) corporate web application is designed for creating and sharing geospatial data and maps designed for non-GIS experts.
  • Dominica, Lands and Surveys Division

    The Dominica, Lands and Surveys Division is responsible for the conduct of all public surveys and provision of land surveying and land information services for all government...
  • Caribbean Handbook on Risk Information Management (CHARIM) GeoNode

    The Caribbean Handbook on Risk Information Management (CHARM) utilizes GeoNode to share data prepared from projects conducted for five Caribbean countries. The CHARIM project...
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